PatriotHacks is the flagship hackathon at George Mason University where innovators can play, learn, create, game, and revolutionize technology.

Students from across the world can enjoy plenty of workshops, activities, and networking events along with free swag. This provides hackers an opportunity to build their resumes and make memories that will last a lifetime. The event is entirely
free and no experience is required to attend. 


1) Atleast one person has to be available in-person to Demo on Sunday, March 13th at Horizon Hall.

2) Projects should be original and have been worked on within the Hackathon time frame.

3) A Devpost submission must be made alongside demoing.


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$3,160 in prizes

Best Overall Hack (2)

This award will go to the team who has the best overall project. Each member will be given a Nintendo Switch Lite.

All Female Hack

We at Mason are committed to getting women in STEM! The group with the best project and at least 50% group members are women will receive a prize. Each member will get a Razer Huntsman Mini.

Cyber-Security Track

Silicon Valley moves quickly, but at the same time, innovators have come to recognize the importance of not breaking things in the pursuit of growth. We need hackers to rise to the challenge of protecting privacy, security, and free expression on the web. The prize is a year-long Nord VPN subscription to everyone on the team.

Microsoft Humanitarian Aid Track

Create a solution that solves all or part of the problem.
Teams should look at the current situation in Ukraine as the current challenge but be aware that these humanitarian challenges may continue in the future. Teams should address, yet not be limited to, practical, technical, legal, and security feasibilities when building their solution.

Each member will receive $100 Visa Giftcards.

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Track(s)

Track 1: Audit, implement or extend Value Chain Analysis for a new or neglected type of Carbon Emissions.

Track 2: Build web forms to collect data from corporate suppliers to more accurately calculate carbon emissions, waste impacts, etc.

Track 3: Figure out how best to calculate Scope 3 impact from employee commuting ( How best to collect employees' commute data at scale? What data should be collected?

Track 4: Mason Waste and Energy Dashboard

Problem: Mason's energy and waste data is not visually appealing nor readily available for Mason community members to view in real-time.

Desired outcome: A real-time energy and waste dashboard that is easily accessible to all Mason community members via web or mobile application

Extra Credit Track: Choose your own adventure to build something you find compelling! Salesforce is a flexible and powerful platform.

Prize: You may choose any of these tracks and only one will be chosen as the best using Salesforce Net Zero Cloud. The winning prize will be Yeti's and $25 gift cards for Starbucks for each team member.

Sustainability Track (4)

Track 1: Campus users often sort disposable materials incorrectly at the bin, and with Mason’s Single-Use Plastics and Polystyrene Ban as well as waste infrastructure changes, knowing what can be recycled and how to dispose of compostable products requires clarity.

Desired Outcome: Mobile app or web-based tool to support accurate sorting behavior at the bin and interactivity at campus waste stations, to both show users what can go in the bin and react to what is placed in the bin with interactive awareness messaging/screen display at stations.

Track 2: No centralized means of capturing campus community's sustainability related feedback, communicating student requests to Facilities, and lack of awareness about campus alternatives to single-use plastics.

Desired Outcome: Mobile app to facilitate Mason community feedback, make zero-waste improvement requests, report campus sustainability issues, and increase awareness of campus alternatives.

__Prize(s): You can choose either track and teams will be evaluated for the following prizes for each team member:

1st place: ChicoBag Travel Swag Bag
2nd place: ChicoBag Travel Swag Bag
3rd place: ChicoBag Travel Swag Bag

Omniopti Alternative Routing Track(s)

Track 1: Quick search for optimal alternatives

To visit several locations where we have the required time windows of visits, and total working hours, we found several alternative routes between successive locations. We want to choose variants that will optimize a criterion function. We know how to choose these if we look at all the possibilities. The task is to find the optimal variants faster and more efficiently, presumably with the branch and limit method.

Track 2: Optimal distribution of traffic flows

We know the capacities of individual roads in the road network. We have a large number of transports, with a starting and ending point, and possible routes in between. The task is to choose one of the possible routes for each transport, so that the network will transfer it, so that it will be within capacity.

Track 3: Definition of a network for discretization of a continuous movement

The vehicle (ship, drone) can move continuously in space. We have a method that can find an effective way on the network. The task is to define the network so that the error in simulating motion will be minimized.

Prize: You may choose to address one or more than one of these tracks. The best team will be given bluetooth speakers for each team member.

Datathon Track

Create predictive models for chance of winning a contract or assistance, Combine with other open data sources to improve predictive power, Produce visualizations that tell a story of government spending or state assistance, such as, Equity and diversity, and Economic growth of communities.

Prize: Each member will win an Echo Dot

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


PatriotHacks Team

PatriotHacks Team

Judging Criteria

  • Overall Criteria
    You must be registered for PatriotHacks as a participant, not HackOverflow. Atleast one member must be present in person to demo. You are encouraged to present what you have done even if your hack is unfinished.

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